Week In The Life: Day 3.

The bad news of the day is...we have two major leaks. The first is in our Master bathroom---the shower is leaking and the whole thing has to be replaced. Of course, our home warranty doesn't cover shower leaks. Of COURSE NOT! Welcome to my life. Matt The Optimist said: "Well, our bathroom remodel is just gonna happen sooner than we planned."


It's allergy season again. Jewel is battling her way through--with the help of these powerful meds. I'm grateful for a good allergy doctor nearby and understanding teachers who let her sit out of P.E. The twins are fighting off a cold. Jasiel has a bad cough, poor baby.


The bright spot in my day was a handwritten note from a friend. How often do we get actual, real, hand-written notes? It was a special treat. Thank you, Eden!


There's a welcome change in the weather. It's been scorching hot all week. Today the heat broke and clouds blew in. Tomorrow, a chance of rain. YAY!


Tonight, I'm going to drink a cup of hot tea (Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice) and watch a chick flick. *sigh* It's been a long week and this Mommy is very, very tired.