Week In The Life: Day 4.

My days flow more peacefully when I begin them on my knees. Today's reading: Psalm 104:1-10 and John 6:56-71. Today's prayers: Jasiel's cough, Matt's job,  strength to serve my family, joy in little tasks, Christians being martyred in India.

My eldest daughter fixed me breakfast this morning. Peanut butter toast, Yoplait yogurt. Oh, what a sweet blessing to have such a cheerful, helpful girl! Lord, may I always treasure my precious Jewel.


The morning routine: making beds, tidying rooms, picking up toys. We were also preparing for weekend guests. In the flurry, I smashed my finger while folding up the step-ladder. Hot, angry tears fell down my cheeks. I had been going too fast, trying too hard.

The children flocked around me, "Oh, poor Mommy!" My finger was bleeding and bruised. So was my heart. Although I didn't write about it here, it's been a difficult week for me. The Lord is trying to work a deep, painful change in me. I'm resisting Him. It hurts. And so I wept.

The children searched for band-aids but found none.  The boys pressed against me, little faces upturned. Jewel placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. Their love bandaged my heart.

For lunch: chicken noodle soup, buttered toast and tea. Food to soothe the heart and the body. For these Thy gifts, we give thanks...


Our guests arrived and after visiting awhile, took the older three children to Legoland. While the twins were sleeping, I did something silly. I put on my favorite, long skirt and danced around the backyard. The sky was cloudy, the grass was wet and the cool breeze felt good against my hot, flushed face. Afterward, I felt much better.


I cut some fresh flowers for my kitchen jelly jar.


I changed back into my "housework clothes" and finished my cleaning, washing, sweeping.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with my twins. Even on hard days I look for the Good. Today I found Him right here, right where I started: in my home. Everything I am, everything I want to be, I lay it all down at Your feet.



Today's song: Lay It Down by Matt Maher.