Laundry & Frugality.


My laundry area is a quiet place, tucked away from the noise of the house. Today while the twins were napping, I folded several loads of laundry. I also did some sewing: a ballerina pillowcase for my resident ballerina.


These small, ordinary domestic duties are a source of comfort to me during these uncertain times. It seems that no matter how low the Dow goes, the laundry pile is always up! You can invest for the long haul with laundry. Laundry stands the test of time. Isn't there a measure of peace in knowing there will always be a mismatched sock pile? I think so.


Even my kids love the mismatched sock pile. They've given up on wearing matched socks to school. At our house, every day is Crazy Sock Day!

Sewing and laundry help settle my mind. Folding laundry lends itself to prayer, I think. I had much to pray over today. And as I sewed, my mind chugged along with the needle: Jesus, have mercy. Jesus, have mercy.

As I reached for a box of sewing notions, my eyes fell upon the few remaining items that were my Grandmother's. A handful of yellow, wooden beads. A small bundle of plastic berry embellishments with the original price written on it: 20 cents.


In the fading light, I fingered these things and thought of her. She bought these, she touched these.

My Grandmother was raised during the Great Depression. She told stories of frugality that seemed unthinkable to me. Now, those far-fetched ideas seem imperative, urgent. Funny how things change.

Or maybe it's history repeating itself.

This time, will we learn?

I'm making changes to how I spend and shop. Are you? Please share your practical, frugal tips!