Unafraid To Stand.


I re-arranged the pumpkins by my front door and helped Matt clean and organize our garage. All our boxes are labeled and stacked in tidy rows. We created a laundry niche where I can sort, wash, dry, fold & sew. It took all day, but I feel much better now.

Whenever I feel worried, I get the urge to re-arrange furniture and stockpile food. I wish I could say I'm hopeful for the future, but I feel an increasing dread hanging on my heart. The tide of society seems to be turning. Turning against God, against faith, against those of us who believe. Especially here in California.

"You're worried about things you can't change," Matt gently reminded me this weekend.

I nodded, wiping away tears. But what about our children?

"We have to put God's Word inside them," he answered. "So when the time comes, they won't be afraid to stand."

Oh, what would I do without this gentle, loving man?

If I fail in other ways, may I be faithful to remember this most important work: to sow God's Word into their hearts.

This week I will be putting together a Scripture memorization project for my children.

I need ideas! How do you teach Scripture memorization to your children? Do you use flash-cards, music, memory games? Please share!