Week In The Life: Day 6.

5:12 am I wake up. Bottles for twins, check email, start coffee pot, brief prayers.

6:15 am Children wake. Breakfast & morning routine: feed dog, pack backpacks, get dressed. James says he's getting sick---lots of exaggerated coughing and LOUD sniffing. 2 minutes later he's jumping up and down on the living room couch. He's fine.

7:45 am: school drop offs.

8:15 am: morning walk.

10:20 am: sitter stays with twins, I fetch Matt from John Wayne/OC airport.


11:05 am Baggage claim breaks down. We wait.


11:45 We give Matt's co-worker a ride home. Matt & I grab a quick lunch and talk as fast we can--lots of catching up, schedules, details, issues with the children, plans for the week.

1pm: Arrive home. Matt takes a nap, I watch twins, sort laundry.

2:00: I realize that James left his music books at home. I dash to his school and drop off the books for his after-school music class.

2:15pm: Jude wakes from his nap. He colors in a coloring book. Matt wakes up, we all play with the twins.

3:30pm: Fetch James from school, fetch Jewel from after-school quilt club.

4:30pm: Dinner out with out-of-town relatives. Twins make a huge mess at the restaurant--dropping all their little crackers on the floor. I am mortified and clean most of it up myself. We rarely eat out these days.

6:00pm: Evening routine: homework, baths, Bible Story, prayers.

7pm: Twins down for night.

7:45pm: Kids down for night.

8pm: Watch Angels baseball game.

9pm: Chat for a few minutes with out-of-town relatives.

9:30pm: Bedtime routine: wash face, brush teeth. Matt & I kneel beside our bed and say our prayers.

9:45pm: Lights out.

9:46pm: Dead asleep.