Week In The Life: Day 7.


Isn't this cute? No, it's not. This is bad. Very bad.

It's proof that Milton has regressed. Ever since moving to the new house, Milton has returned to his bad habit of barking incessantly and jumping up on anyone who enters.

I think this may have to do with the babies becoming more mobile. He has become increasingly territorial. And today when he claimed one of the twins' bouncer seats today, I knew I was in trouble.

Tonight when no-one was looking, he jumped up on a dining room chair and ate Jewel's dinner OFF THE TABLE! The wretched BEAST!

He has figured out how to stick his blasted snout into the twins' diaper pail and pull out dirty diapers. He takes them to the backyard and tears them apart. He finds their bottles and chews off the nip*les.

This is entirely my fault. I haven't been walking him. I haven't given him the attention he needs and deserves.

It's time for an intervention.

Lastly, and on a completely different note: I watched part of the Presidential debate. I couldn't watch the whole thing because....well, I'm just gonna say it. McCain lost. Obama won.

To me, it seemed like McCain was playing catch-up the whole time. I don't think it helped to see McCain half-limping around the stage and awkwardly propped up on the tall chair. My heart ached because tonight McCain looked like what many say: old.

Obama, by contrast, sat comfortably, strolled easily and seemed largely in control. He was, as usual, eloquent.

Most voters will blame Republicans for the economic mess we're in. And I'm prone to agree with them. Yes, both parties have made mistakes, but Republicans have held the executive office for the last 8 years--it's really, really hard to ignore that.

We're one month away from a new President.

If we wanted The Maverick, we should have voted for him 8 years ago.