7 Quick Takes.

I'm doing Jennifer's 7 Quick Takes play-along again. Here they are all rolled into one fresh-from-the-oven double serving with a side of cranberry sauce goodness:

1. I went sorta crazy on the hair-bow thing. This is how it goes with my hobby obsessions. A few years ago it was sewing, then scrapbooking. Now it's blogging + hair-bows. Per reader request, here are the twins modeling the hair-bows. Y'know I live to please y'all. :-) Jasiel is the blue bow and Jorai is the pink bow.

2. I went back to my therapist this week. Although I don't write about it here on my blog, I'm coming up on the anniversary of a devastating personal loss. Talk therapy has been immensely helpful for me. When I feel myself sliding down into anxiety or prolonged sadness, talk therapy is the responsible thing for me to do. I highly recommend it.

3. Jewel got a 98% on a math test! This is a HUGE victory for her since she was pulling a few D's and C's through the early part of this year. She has decided she wants to be a NICU nurse. Or a massage therapist. If all else fails, she wants to be a chiropractor because "chiropractors are Great Depression-proof." Wise words.

4. I think we should make it illegal to talk on a cell phone while walking. In CA., it's already illegal to drive while holding a cell phone. But twice this week, people almost ran into me because they were blabbing into their phones and not watching where they were going. One guy almost made me fall and he kept rushing on. I turned around and called after him: EXCUSE YOU! He ignored me. The other lady reared back and apologized profusely. The guy was a young'un, the lady was elderly. Is there a generational etiquette gap?

5. I wore cute clothes every day except Tuesday. Dude, it's exhausting getting dressed up all the time! I quit. Next week it's back to sweats and sloppy pony-tail buns.

6. Made Thanksgiving Day plans. We're holding our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration complete with turkey, great-grandma's stuffin', green bean casserole, gravy, mashed taters, and three kinds of pies. Oh. And of course, Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. My parents are tee-totalers. So, at our house, no such thing as en vino veritas. This year, I might go rogue and break out my favorite pinot. Any suggestions?

7. The plumbing in our "new" house (har har) is still wonky. We're down to one shower and even that one drains so slowly we're all taking hyper-speed showers. I call it Forced Conservation. That is, after I exhaust my extensive repertoire of sanctified, Christian cuss words. Because even though it feels nice (sorta) to be eco-friendly, I also take the liberty to call my drain a blasted, no-good, doggone, sorry excuse for plumbing!

Now, go have a FANTASTIC weekend!