Hot Diggity Duggars--Part 2!

OK, since I've already shared my concerns, it's time to gush about the show. Because I AM a fan, people. I'm also a critical thinker. It IS possible to be both. So there. :-)

I gotta say, my favorite Diggity Duggar is Jinger. She's spunky, dramatic and has a great sense of humor. I was cracking up watching her learn to drive a stick shift. I thought Jim-Bob did a great job remaining calm while giving her driving tips. Cousin Amy was just plain annoying with all the shrieking and hollering: BRAKE! BRAKE! Poor Jinger. She should've reached over, opened the door and let Amy fall out onto the grass. Mwah-ha-ha.

I'm harboring a secret hope that Jinger will be the one to get a college education and become a missionary nurse. Or just get really rebellious and cut her hair and start wearing jeans. Heh.

My other favorite Diggity Duggar is Josiah. He built a very clever cardboard robot. I loved the pulley system he rigged up and thought the whole "unselfish" pinata was pretty cute. I've always despised the greedy rush for candy that ensues after a pinata is broken open. The Unselfish Pinata is a great idea.

The family fashion has improved. Michelle's blouses are cuter--the short, puffed sleeves and empire-waisted pregnancy shirts are more attractive. She's wearing a little more makeup, too, which is nice. It looks like the older girls permed their long hair. They all look pretty n' sweet. Still, a sassy little bob-cut would be nice on at least one of 'em. I'm just saying.

To her great credit, Michelle keeps very calm when disciplining her children. At one point, Jackson was sitting in a chair "learning how to sit still." Michelle said she doesn't use time-outs as punishment. So, I'm curious how she metes out punishment because most fundamentalist families I've met spank their young children. Not that we'd see that on the show. But still, I'm curious how she raises such obedient children.

The Duggars' most admirable trait is their discipline. Obviously they have worked hard for what they have---both materially and in the character of their children. None of the children are overweight, they are all remarkably cheerful, they seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company and everyone does their share of work. They are also debt-free. These are amazing accomplishments and although I may ask tough questions, I certainly don't begrudge them their hard-earned success.

As cousin Amy said, she's still waiting to see Michelle have a bad day. Even a cynic like me can't argue with results like that.

Do you have a favorite Duggar? What helpful ideas have you learned while watching their show? Please share!

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