A Small Price To Pay For True Love.....(a dress story)

Oh, I love dresses! I try to wear a dress or a skirt everyday. They are so much prettier than pants. Here's the story of a dress I would never buy for myself (waaaay out of the budget), but I think it's so lovely that when I flipped through the catalog, I couldn't help but jot down the story that came to mind as I looked at it (yes, that's my writing on the catalog---I like to flip through with a pencil, circling things I'll never buy and writing stories about dresses I'll never wear! LOL!):
A Small Price To Pay For True Love

She had purchased the dress especially for him, had seen it in a store window and although it was much, much too expensive and quite unlike her to be impulsive---she had bought it anyway.

"This dress gave me your father," she would later tell their children. "It was a difficult time, so much was uncertain. But this dress was the most certain thing I've ever done."

"What did he say when he saw you?" their daughter asked.

"Oh," said the mother with a small sigh, "he didn't say a word. When I walked through that door, his face said everything I longed to hear."

Two hundred dollars, she thought, was a lot to pay for a dress. But in the end, a small price to pay for true love.