The Twins @ 11 Months!


Can you tell them apart in this picture? I can't, either. In the past month, the twins have started looking more alike. From certain angles they look identical! For Halloween, I purchased these sweet, little hats from And Jane's Etsy Shop. The outfits were on sale at Target! Yessssss.

Of course, the ENTIRE night, the twins kept trying to pull each other's hats off. It was like, hey, look at that big, fun toy sitting on your head! Here, let me just grab it for ya!

This has been a big month for the twins. They both started taking steps and they both have four teeth: two on top, two on bottom.

Jasiel recognizes Daddy and every time she sees him, she shouts: "DA-DDY!"

They also love the dog. Jorie has gotten into a habit of dropping food off her highchair and then craning her neck over the side to watch Milton snap it up. She thinks this is real hoot. It's not quite as amusing for me. But I have to admit, it's pretty cute when both twins point at Milton and say,

"Dod-dy! Dod-dy!"

So, we have "Daddy" and "Doddy" but no "Mama." How's that for gratitude? Sheesh! :-)

Oh, dear. Two babies, one toy. It all starts out nicely enough:


But trouble looms when they bonk heads:


Jorie wrestles it away "Eeeeeeeee!" while Jasie looks for backup.


A triumphant Jorie cackles with glee:


While Jasie makes do with a Star Wars action figure. NOT feelin' it:


Never fear, The Arbiter of Justice (namely, Jewel), ensures that Jasiel gets a turn with the coveted ball of delight:


Ah, much better.

My twins are 11 months old. The fun has just begun. Time to buckle up for the riiiiiiiide!