It's all fun and games until someone gets Left Behind {can we stop with the Rapture jokes, already?}

The Rapture jokes? I'm so OVER them now. Look, I grew up in a system like that. Some/most of our beliefs garnered mockery. And yeah, I've had my own share of joking this past week. But now, something nastier is arising: the jokes sound very close to cynical, dismissive, how-could-they-be-such-delusional-brainwashed-idiots?

I'm able to make light of the things I experienced inside an abusive, controlling church. I can laugh about some of the craziness now. But at the time, it was NOT funny. It was real. It was hurtful. It was devastating.

I'm especially dismayed by some of the Christians I see cracking jokes and making fun of the May 21 Rapture believers. That's sad and unnecessary. Some of these people lost their entire life savings. Families were ripped apart. People quit their jobs.

For these people right now? It's NOT funny.

I think as Christians we can do better. Do we really need to take the pot-shot at the easy target?

When I was stuck inside a cult, it wasn't the mockers who earned my trust or made me re-think my beliefs. It was the person who took the time to talk to me, to listen, to be patient with my confusion.

I remember kindness.

And jokes aren't kind when they are at another person's expense.

Lastly, do we Christians really think we're exempt from this kind of mockery? Sure, maybe we didn't believe the world was ending on May 21, but we have PLENTY of beliefs (Virgin birth? Resurrection? Miracles?) that seem crazy and delusional to non-believers.

Instead of mockery, we Christians should extend kindness and compassion.

Because that's what I needed when I was a delusional, brainwashed idiot.