Observations from Chicago

1. Dude, a lot of people smoke here. I was out walking in Lincoln Park and passed like three different people smoking. Three. That's a big number. In Orange County, pretty much NOBODY smokes. At least, not publicly. We've sorta shamed/fine/guilted/taxed everyone out of that habit. 2. Chicago drivers think that if they wave at you, it's OK to cut you off at the knees in an intersection--WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. I've never Almost Died so many times in one day.

3. The weather is mercurial. I must've taken my coat on and off like 30 times in the span of two hours. It's hard not to take that kind of weather personally.

4. Chicago makes L.A. look lame. It's an amazingly beautiful city. I could live here. If not for #1-3.

5. People are normal here. Which is to say, I haven't seen one set of fake boobs. Or pumped-up collagen lips. Toto, we're not in Orange County anymore!!

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