7 Quick Takes


Christianity Today posted a nice review of my friend Hillary McFarland's book, Quivering Daughters. As you may know, I wrote the foreword to Hillary's book and it was my singular privilege to give voice and support to the suffering of many young women inside the so-called "biblical patriarchy." Let's hope and pray the broader Christian community is awakened to what is going on inside these oppressive groups.


I've never understood this "phenomenon" called "Flash Mobs." First of all, I like to save the word "phenomenon" for real "phenomenons" like Donald Trump's hair. There's nothing particularly phenomenal about bunch of people learning the same dance moves and then busting them out at some random location at the same time. Call me boring, but that doesn't seem phenomenal. That seems sorta creepy, strangely inauthentic. I know people need to feel like they're part of Something Bigger Than Themselves. But joining a "Flash Mob" seems so...I dunno. What am I missing, here?


I also don't understand "Extreme Boot Camp" exercise groups. Why would people sign up for a fake boot camp with a fake drill sergeant who yells at them while they do sit-ups? The worst part is that these things are held in parks so it's pretty much like you're paying someone to humiliate your flabby abs in public. I don't get it. Furthermore, it's kinda annoying to show up at a local park with your kids for a nice picnic, only to have some female Rambo yelling out orders right behind you. Again, what am I missing, here? What is so appealing about these dealy-o's?


I've been getting these weird 24 hour tummy sicknesses. It will start at about 2 or 3 in the morning and last until about 8pm the following night. It feels like terrible cramping in the middle of my belly, followed by diarrhea and vomiting. The first time it happened, I thought I caught something from the kids. The second time it happened, I thought I ate something bad. But now it's happened two more times and I can't see any consistent pattern. It just happens. I've had it 4 times since January. Any ideas?


Since I was in bed all day today, I finished reading "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. It's the best book I've read this year. I learned so much! It completely changed the way I think about things like the American education system and why plane crashes happen. One of my favorite points was his research on the academic success of poor kids vs. rich kids. It's not that rich kids are smarter than poor kids, it's that parents of rich kids engage in "concentrated cultivation"; ie. extra classes, tutoring, help with homework, structured activities. And one of the biggest differences academically between rich kids and poor kids was the use of summer vacation! Poor kids whiled away the summer, rich kids were involved in all kinds of educational activities. This was a huge eye-opener for me. Anyway, I highly recommend the book!


Congratulations to my friend, Jennifer Fulwiler, on the birth of her baby girl: Pamela Scholastica! I'm so happy for her. Jennifer's writing was instrumental in my understanding of Catholic theology. Her friendship was invaluable as I made my way into the Church. I am truly privileged to call her a friend.


Congratulations to Matthew Paul Turner and Jessica Turner on the birth of their baby girl, Adeline Olive! Go check out Adeline's first baby video on MPT's blog! So cute! Such a happy week for babies!

Since Jennifer is on new mommy duty, Hallie is hosting 7 Quick Takes this week. Go check it out for more fun!