My rock star cousin's debut music video! WATCH!!! "Games We Play" by David Geftakys!

OK, so first. Can I tell you how proud I am? Every time I watch this video I get all weepy because....if you've read here for awhile you know the sequestered, harsh world I grew up in. My cousin came from this world, too. And not only is he incredibly talented but he has managed to overcome adversity with such grace. His loving heart, sincerity of spirit and grateful attitude inspire me so much. Due to the massive upheaval in my family eight years ago, I hadn't seen my cousin in nearly a decade. Last October, we met up near L.A. It was a joyful reunion! We talked and talked about our lives and careers. I encouraged him to get on Twitter--and now? He already has like 2,600 followers! You should follow him, too. He really is such a good-hearted, loving human being.

If you like his music, consider subscribing to his YouTube channel and downloading his music on iTunes. You can stay updated with his new releases by checking out his website and don't forget! Become his fan on Facebook!

This song "Games We Play" is a love song--and the beautiful model in his video? That's actually his real-life girlfriend! :) I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do! (p.s. don't you think we look alike?) Watch, enjoy and then go forth and share! YAY!