A heart wide open--a HUGE thank you! (and a sort of goodbye)

I'm exhausted. And my skin--my very own, built-in emotional thermometer--proved it by breaking out in psoriasis. I'm an itchy, exhausted mess.

I'm so tired that I can't even taste my food. I went into Bolivia with a heart wide open and I gave, gave, gave. I tapped into my ENFP-ness and allowed myself to feel everything. I let my heart break. I let myself weep.

And now, I am utterly spent. I have so many more stories to tell, but I am very tired now. I need rest. I need to dither. I need to fritter. My heart is having a very hard time calming down. I am having nightmares every night--I am haunted by the children's faces. I want to do more, more, more.

But I must rest in what I HAVE done...and mostly, what YOU have done!

Because of YOU, the lives of 32 children have been saved.

Yes, YOU did it! YOU sponsored 32 children through my page. Of course, my personal goal is 50 children--so, I'm letting you--my beloved readers--carry this the rest of the way. Will you please sponsor a child HERE and be the one who takes us to 50 children?

I can't thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My labor of love was not in vain. My exhaustion is not in vain. 32 children will have a better life now because of YOU.


I also want to say that my writing career is at a crossroads right now (isn't it always with writers?). I'm trying to decide which direction to take and need some time to work through that. I will blog my way through this because I trust this space--but I will probably be closing comments more often because my heart is....very fragile right now. I have also found that in closing comments, I receive the kindest and most beautiful emails from you.

Can I be honest and tell you how much I need your gentle words of encouragement? Closing comments seems to facilitate honest, open-hearted sharing and I want this space to be as refreshing for you as it is for me.

I guess what I'm saying is: I want to learn how to lead with my heart more often. For much of my life, I suppressed my heart. But now, I've flung the doors wide open and I'm listening.....

Bolivia changed me in ways I didn't expect. I don't recognize the person I am becoming, but I know that the woman I am becoming is more open, more loving, more compassionate, more tender.

Will you give me the grace and space to change? I know you will, you always do.

Thank you.

Comments ARE open--this is your last chance for awhile! :)

All my love, EE.