How to live a good love story: a top-eleven list for my daughters

  1. Avoid advice from middle-aged, unmarried men who have yet to live one successful love story.
  2. Be wary of the man who always refers to women as "girls."
  3. Scoff at advice which falls back on worn out, degrading gender stereotypes.
  4. A man who "speaks truth" by calling out "girls" as "slutty" does not deserve your respect.
  5. Don't be close friends with the women who applaud and enable misogynistic men.
  6. You are a person of equal worth before God. Period. Any man who does not recognize this, is not worthy of YOU.
  7. It is only the insecure and immature man who demands that you demonstrate why you're worthy of his love.
  8. You do not exist as a secondary character to a man's life story. And it's OK to get angry about that when a man says you are.
  9. Your value is not bound up in your past, present or future mistakes. You are valuable because you are.
  10. You have the right to be with someone who treats you honorably.
  11. When a Christian man apologizes for making misogynistic public statements, you should forgive him. But never forget.