Our Daughters Need A New Narrative!

It's late but the thoughts are coming fast and I can't sleep because I keep thinking about my daughters. I refrained from commenting publicly on Don Miller's post about how "girls" can live a better love story because, well, I was wrapped up in Bolivia. But I read it. And his words shook me to my core. You have to understand, I loved Don Miller.

I mean, I've read every single one of his books. Blue Like Jazz was one of the first books I read coming out of the fundamentalist cult of my childhood. It gave me hope that there could be a Different Way for me to experience my faith.

And now I'm sitting here asking myself: are we still here? I mean, REALLY?! Are my daughters still going to have to deal with the same kind of patriarchal crap I had to deal with in my twenties?

Is there some sort of freak resurgence of patriarchal oppression that is so seductive it's even winning over men like Don Miller?

I cannot bear to imagine that even mega-popular Christian authors like Don Miller are still being allowed to publish such horrifically degrading material. Yeah. I said ALLOWED. Who are the Christian publishers and Christian clearing houses and churches and conferences that keep PAYING men to broadcast their hurtful, anti-Christian, anti-woman ideas?

When does a Christian publishing house finally say: ENOUGH! We will no longer publish authors who have written material that is harmful and hurtful to women and children--even if it was only on a "whim" on their blogs?

Yes. I am shaking mad. I held it off for two weeks because I wanted to devote my sole attention to Bolivia. But now I'm home. And I'm raising my daughters. I have to be honest: I fear for my daughters.

I saw firsthand in Bolivia what oppression of women looks like and you know what? It's horrific. I thought the church in America had progressed far beyond what I saw in Bolivia, but after reading Don Miller's posts and worst of all, seeing the HUGE outpouring of support and love and acclamation he received---I honestly fear that the church in America is in danger of resurrecting the old oppression.

Mothers! We cannot let this happen!


Who will give it to them? Who will encourage them to write their own narrative? I want to say how proud I was of my friend, Rachel Held Evans, who spoke up against Don's post.

I also want to say thank you to the Godly men I have the privilege of knowing in real life and here on this blog for whom the oppression of women is a scourge they work daily to rectify.

Please. Help us write a new narrative for our daughters! We can do this!

p.s. if you haven't read the now-deleted Don Miller posts, I'm not sure how to retrieve cached articles--my apologies--I'm sure someone super smart and techy will post a link to them in the comments, yes? updated: thanks to my techy readers, i was able to link to the cached article. thanks, yo! y'all are the bomb-diggity!

p.p.s yeah, i know i said i was going to keep comments closed for awhile. but then i kept coming up with all these new posts that just beg for discussion! so COMMENTS OPEN!