Now, let's talk about something REALLY important! (What I'm wearing to #Relevant11)

I've been going through a "sackcloth and ashes" phase. It looks something like this:

This is what happened after I arrived home from Bolivia. Somehow, wearing billowy skirts and long-sleeved shirts gave me a safe place to grieve the extreme poverty I'd witnessed. I felt invisible, tucked away and able to process that life-changing trip.

During that time I got rid of most of my clothes. I told my family that I would only be wearing skirts from now on--as a visible sign of my solidarity with the poor.

That lasted for about two months. I know! I know! I have FAILED!

It's especially hard to keep wearing long skirts when your husband says: "Babe? I miss seeing you in jeans."

ACK! I'm trying to be all radical and stuff! STOP ruining my activism!!!!

Here's the thing: being extreme comes easily for me. (Baby, I was raised that way!!) I like to champion causes! I like to advocate for change!

[But I also get tired.]

[why am i using brackets randomly? i dunno.]


er, FOCUS!

Aaaaaand we're back. In some ways, I really NEED to be a slacker for Jesus. Zeal is awesome. Except when you're so burned out you're of no use to anyone.

So, with my husband's encouragement, I have laid aside my sackcloth and ashes. I purchased a few items and then mixed-and-matched what remained from my closet. Here's what I'm wearing to the Relevant blogging conference next week.

Yeah, I broke down and bought myself a pair of skinny jeans. I hope my Distraught Pants don't disown me! [p.s. Skinny jeans are SUPA-comfy! 99% stretch FTW!] [p.p.s. Curves!]

Here's a mix-and-match set. Old purple sweater + new jeans ($29 at TJMaxx!) + costume-ish jewelry. Also, purple boots! [Why does TJMaxx have two x's? Good thing it doesn't have THREE x's or else I might have to write a post about the pornification of clothing stores! ba ha ha. (yes, I laugh at my own jokes)]

I'd like to take a moment and tell you how difficult it was (MY LIFE IS SO HARD!) to get my husband to take these photos. He kept wanting to mess around with my iPhone and take all these random pictures. This is me yelling at him to STOP RUINING MY PHOTO SHOOT! (He just chuckled.)

[I have no idea why that photo went in sideways. I REFUSE to correct it! Darn you, iPhone!]

Now, here's where I need your help. Should I bring along something a little fancy, too? This is a dress I got last year at White House Black Market and since it's SNUG-FITTING (read: smokin' hot!), I'm covering myself up with a snazzy little jacket (I don't want to offend Ann Voskamp!). KIDDING! (Offending Ann Voskamp is like trying to offend Mother Teresa: she loves you too much to get mad at you.)

So, what say ye? Yes to this dress?

Dude. Instagram cut off like half the outfit!

OK, here's the unedited, unvarnished, RADICAL HONESTY version of that picture!

And don't worry, I never, ever leave home without my Distraught Pants.

Anything else I should bring?

[this post brought to you by ADHD and associated affiliates] [this post also officially sponsored by brackets in assorted varieties] {and what are these little brackets called? because i need them} (p.s. i like mint milanos. if u bring me mint milanos at Relevant, I will kiss you.) (No, really. With my eyes wide open--why were they open? I'd catch a grenade for YA..) [that last parentheses brought to you by Bruno Milano]