I'm Speaking At Relevant 2012. My topic: "Blogging Thru Brokenness"

All I can say about this is: God works in mysterious ways.

And when Sarah Mae first asked me I was like: huh? what? you realize you're talking to EE, right?


I don't fit, see.

At least. I don't think I fit. Or I thought others thought I didn't fit.

And Sarah Mae told me: isn't that how we all feel? Like we don't fit and yet--- through grace, somehow, we do.

I believed Sarah Mae because....well, we've become such friends. Such unlikely and yet--so likely--friends. Our friendship proves to me that grace works. That love wins.

So, I told Sarah Mae I would sit on it for a few days.


May I tell you something?

I never started blogging to have some kind of ministry.

I started blogging out of desperation--to write these stories.

To write my way back to God.

To write my way back to being fully human.

Here's my secret fear: nobody will come to my session. Because.

I don't have how-to's.

I don't have something to sell or something to make you a better blogger.

All I have is this broken, this wounded, this grace-thirsty human story.

It's a paltry offering, perhaps. But it's my heart.

So, friends, will you come?

Together, let's make a safe place for us...us walking wounded. Us broken.

Us unsure.

Us doubtful.

Us scarred.

There is a place for us, I think.

I hope.

Sometimes love means taking a risk. It could turn out badly, of course.

But it just might be the most wonderful thing.......

So, I'm speaking. Tremulously. Gently. Lovingly.

I do hope some of you will join me there. I'd love to open my heart to you in real life.

Tickets go on sale March 1st. The conference runs October 25-27, 2012 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.