Top 15 Posts of 2011

I've compiled a list of my best writing from 2011, arranged chronologically. Here be provocative conversation-starters, heartfelt confessions and witty diatribes. It's humbling for me to realize I'm not as prolific as I thought I was. Generally speaking, I write one excellent post per month. The rest is fiddle-faddle. But perhaps that's the lesson here: by giving myself permission to write a bunch of fiddle-faddle, I'm rewarded with one decent insight per month. And that's my piece of advice for all writers: don't worry about writing your magnum opus every day. Just write your heart out. Here is my heart--broken for you......

1. I can't go to church anymore

2. Why we left Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

3. Why having many children is a radical act of hope

4. Why Literalists Hate Fairy Tales

5. The Cross & The Crucifix

6. Predestination: my deepest fear

7. In defense of dithering and ENFPs

8. Don't call me a MILF. Thanks.

9. How the Pornification of Marriage Hurts Real People

10. I'm a slacker for Jesus

11. Apologizing to my gay neighbors

12. Housecleaning for artists, creatives, ADHD'ers and ENFPs!

13. Grace happens in the margins

14. Even God does not break our will

Lastly, the event that changed my life this year was my trip to Bolivia.

Read this: Father, forgive me for I did not know.

And then, how about changing a child's life in 2012? Sponsor a child in Bolivia.

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