An ENFP gets help with planning/creating a summer schedule

Some summers, I plan a whole lotta nothin'. This summer, I decided to pre-empt the summer doldrums (aka, boredom) and summer brain-drain (aka, too many video games) and begged my mother for help. My mother, taking pity upon my poor, addled, ADD-brain, asked a few questions and then drew up this calendar. I did what ENFPs do best and added decorations. And swirlies. And little cartoony sunshine-y doodles.

Our schedule includes daily "CLS" which is short for "Chores, Lunch, School." I'll be teaching several Writing Workshops (WW). On Mondays, we will go to the beach. On Wednesdays, we'll have soccer! On Thursdays, we will have art projects! Oh, oh! This makes me so happy! And all organize-y!

My husband expanded on this idea by writing up daily post-it notes that detailed the exact chores each child needed to do on that day. We're only on the second day of this schedule but already it's working like a charm.

Organization. Planning. RESULTS! Who knew?!

Now, let's get this summer PAR-TAY started! How about surfing? In the pool? In jeans? Yeah! Let's do THAT!