"Good luck and I hope that you do get your boy" (sex-selective abortion in America?)

At a well-check for my oldest son last week, I struck up a conversation with another mother in the waiting room. Her adorable baby girl was smiling and cooing at me and I couldn't help remarking on her cuteness. "She's so tiny!" I said. "How old is she?"

"She's one, but she was born super early."

"My twins were preemies, too" I said. "They were born at 34 weeks."

"My baby was born at 26 weeks," she said. "She barely weighed one pound."

"Well, she's absolutely beautiful."

"Thank you!" the mother beamed. "We were so scared for her, but the NICU doctors took such good care of her!"

We chatted for a moment about our shared NICU experiences and later, I thought about this wonderful miracle of technology: that tiny babies born at 26 weeks can be nursed to health.

And then, with a sinking heart I also realized that as technology advances and we are able to rescue prematurely born babies at earlier stages of development, late term abortion of these same babies is still legal--which means that the line between between ending a non-viable pregnancy and killing a human being is becoming increasingly blurry.

But this isn't all. As The Economist reported, there is a worldwide war on baby girls. Baby girls are being aborted (or outright killed at birth) at a far higher rate than boys. And sex-selection isn't just happening in China and India. It's happening right here in America.

In fact, recent undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood clinics across America revealed that a woman could procure an abortion simply because the unborn baby was a girl. And the parents wanted a boy.

How can Planned Parenthood claim to be "pro-woman" while directly assisting in the sex-selective abortions of baby girls?

To me, being pro-woman means being pro-ALL-women, including the 'unplanned' ones. What baffles me about the logic behind the ("pro-woman") "right to choose" is that it actually discriminates against women--especially in the case of anti-female, sex-selective abortion.

I mean, Planned Parenthood's reasoning seems to be that it's not their place to ask why a woman seeks an abortion. Any reason, apparently, is equally valid--including just not wanting another baby girl.

So, we'll schedule you for an abortion and if the ultrasound reveals that it's a boy, you can just cancel your appointment!

Yes, this is happening in America.

What can we do to protect our baby girls? Sign the petition to stop sex-selective abortion.