Things That Annoyed/Amazed Me This Week


  1. Flat Diet Coke.
  2. Anne Geddes pictures. I'm damn tired of newborns in flower pots. In peapods. Sticking out of calla lilies.
  3. Tutus the size of hot air balloons. The whole tutu thing has gotten way out of control.
  4. Stupid romantic comedies. Hint: DO NOT RENT "The 5 Year Engagement." It was the worst, most depressing, lame-ass, postmodern-disgusting 'love story' EVER.
  5. Ladies Who Lunch. "Dressing on the side. Can I substitute that? This isn't tap water, is it? We'll be splitting this five ways."
  6. Democratic National Convention.
  7. Cayenne pepper.
  8. A blister on my toe.
  9. Deodorant that doesn't de-odor.
  10. People who honk their horns for no discernible reason.
  11. That one time I tripped.
  12. A bruise on my hip.
  13. Shin splints.
  14. Paperwork.


  1. First day of school. Ahhh, quiet.
  2. Incredible workouts.
  3. Cherry dresses for the twins.
  4. Double therapy sessions.
  5. Phone conversation with good friend (hi, Kat!).
  6. Lunch with good friend (hi, Gina!).
  7. T.S. Eliot.
  8. Outlining chapter 10.
  9. First pumpkin latte of the season.
  10. Pink nail polish.
  11. "Quando, Quando, Quando" by Michael Buble.
  12. Season 2 of "Downton Abbey."
  13. Macaroni & Cheese.
  14. Snakeskin belt + plum top (hello, Autumn!).