If Ke$ha wrote church hymns...

I think we need some levity up in here.What say ye to a little genre-bending-mashup? I say hit it.

If Ke$ha wrote church hymns: "Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like D. Moody."

If Josh Harris wrote cookbooks: I Kissed Gluten Goodbye

If Niki Minaj rapped "Les Miserables:" "Don't you fret Monsieur Marius, I don't hear any super bass."

If Mark Driscoll wrote feminist theory: Surreal Marriage: the truth about sexual fetish and codependency

If Rihanna sang kids' Bible songs: "Rise and shine bright like a diamond."

If Joel Osteen was on Dancing With the Stars: Your Best Tango Now 

If Darth Vader sang the national anthem: Oh, say can you see by the dark side's early light?

If Fox News had a social conscience: The O'rganic Factor

If Oprah ran Rick Warren's church: The Purpose Driven Aha Moment

If Tim Challies gave investment advice: Total depravity of stock market sends mutual funds to Hell

If Ann Voskamp wrote crafting books: One Thousand Gift Bags

If  the Pope wrote EE's blog: I Use My Infallible Words 

Now, it's your turn! Hit it, comment box.