Twin Synchronicity


"Would you like to try different haircuts?" I asked.

The girls gave me blank stares.

"You know, like maybe each of you has a different look?"


"Ok, well, see. Jorie has to have bangs because she already cut them herself. But Jossie, maybe you don't want bangs?"

Jossie looked at Jorie. Jorie looked at Jossie.

"Nooooooo," wailed Jossie. "I wanna be like Jorie!"

"But Jorie's bangs were accidental," I explained. "Remember? She cut them herself with the kindergarten scissors."

"Yeah, but I didn't do that!" Jossie said. And then giving Jorie a very bossy look, "Cutting our hair is not how we use scissors, riiiight, Jorie?"

"Jossie! Don't be mean!" Jorie shouted. "I already said sorry for cutting my hair!"

Jorie folded her arms over her chest and stamped her foot. "Jossie's being the boss of me again!"

"Whoa, girls, whoa," I interjected.

"But Jossie keeps saying how I cut my hair and I already 'pologized for that!"

"I know, sweetie. It's fine. All I'm saying is that you get to keep your bangs and Jossie can do something different with her hair."

"No! No! I wanna be like Jorie!" Jossie said. "I want bangs, too!"

Jorie broke into a huge grin. "We wanna look like each other because we're twins, riiiight Joss?"

"But girls! How about we give your teachers a break and make it easy for them to tell you apart?"

Blank stares.

And then:

"But I wanna be like Jorrieeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Matching bobs and bangs for all. Plus lollipops.