For my birthday, God is giving me one less hour of sleep.

Yep, daylight savings falls on Sunday, March 10th this year. My birthday. Good thing I'm a morning person. Who's up for a 5 mile run at, 5am?! Anyone? ANYONE?! Well, at least I've got a pretty dress to wear this weekend or this whole turning 36 + losing an hour of sleep would be, in the immortal tweet of Justin Bieber: "Worst birthday ever." Yeah, pretty sure the sparkly dress saves the birthday (thanks, Danielle!).

What's even better is my dear friend Rachel Held Evans is out here for a speaking engagement and I'm gonna hang out with her AND Kristen Howerton this weekend. Like, what? All three of us in ONE place?? CAN YOU HEAR THE MOUNTAINS TREMBLE? CAN YOU HEAR THE...oh, wait. I'm singing cheesy worship songs now? Yeah. Pretty sure it's gonna be the BEST birthday ever. 36 is gonna be a good year. I can FEEEEEEL it!!