Rick Warren's abortion tweet and how it hurts the pro-life cause #NoMoreShame

Today Rick Warren tweeted this:

And then John Piper retweeted it.

And then I broke down crying.

Because you know what? HOW Christians talk about things REALLY does matter.

Using flippant, shaming, callous language when speaking about deeply sensitive and painful subjects, brings HARM and not HEALING.

It absolutely breaks my heart when Christian pastors with huge, national influence WASTE their place of privilege and LOSE the hearts of hurting people for the sake of a cheap shot, a quick thrill, a PUNCHY tweet.

When these pastors choose to indulge in cheap, tasteless, flippant analogies about abortion guess who takes the hit? WE DO. We, the pro-life advocates. We, the Mamas and women who are trying to build bridges, engage respectful dialogue, seek solutions, hear stories, offer support.

Brothers in Christ, please refrain from the language of shame. Please support us by choosing words of grace to tweet to your massive audiences. Please work with us by choosing words that edify the dignity of human life. Please don't make the battle harder than it already is.