Because sometimes I like to write FLUFF POSTS, ok? IS THAT SO WRONG?? {EE's Favorite Things!!}

71rYJcObQAL._SL1500_I was never into heat rollers until I went to this conference where all the Southern gals had such amazing hair (I'm looking at you Amanda Moore-Jones!) and I was all: HOW DO YOU GET SUCH BOUNCE? Answer: Heat Rollers. In the past three months, I've used these Conair Instant Heat Rollers almost every day. I'm SO HAPPY with it. Here's my bouncy hair after using the rollers (also this is my Mama--isn't she purty?). We were on our way to see Charles' Dickens "A Christmas Carol" at South Coast Rep.


Speaking of plays and favorite things, if you are local to Southern California, you really MUST take your WHOLE family and go see "A Christmas Carol" at South Coast Repertory. It is perfectly staged with songs, drama and clever special effects. I took my whole family to see it and even the twins sat through the WHOLE THING and loved every minute!!! Totally NOT bah-humbug!


OK, let's talk lipgloss.


Lipgloss is a brunette's best friend. I prefer lipgloss to lipstick because it glides on easier and has more shine. I recently picked up this Maybelline gloss in "Gleaming Grenadine"  and I'm loving it! It's perfect for Christmas-y outfits and goes on so smooth it feels almost like lotion. I keep it in my purse because I'm a little obsessive about RE-GLOSSING MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. :)


Ok, I know, I know. Facial tissue? Yes, Kleenex cool touch really IS one of my favorite things. I suffer from daily allergies and my nose is always runny/stuffy. I used to abuse my nose with paper towels and toilet paper, but when I found Kleenex Cool Touch MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER. You guys, I haz a confession: sometimes I'll just sit with this stuffed in my nose. Because: catching drips. Also, THE SMELL. Seriously. THE SMELL. Whoever invented it is genius. It makes wiping my nose feel all dignified. Which is really saying something with how often I'm honking, snorting and itching.


I call this stuff "Makeup For Lazy People." Mainly, it combines like 3 steps into one. I don't have to use a separate foundation, primer and sunscreen anymore. I wash, moisturize and then squirt a dab of BB Cream into my palm and apply it all over my face like lotion. It glides on EFFORTLESSLY. It doesn't clump. It doesn't CAKE on. It's basically a creamy, tinted moisturizer with SPF all rolled into one. I love it so much that I sometimes get scared L'Oreal will discontinue it and then my beauty regimen will be Hard Work again. Nooooooooooo! Dear, L'Oreal. PLEASE KEEP THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! Signed, all the lazy makeup people.

Here is my face with L'Oreal BB Cream. NO FILTER, yo. (Important Note: that is NOT a dead animal on my head. It is a FAUX FUR hood. Because WARMTH. For all those freeezing 63 degrees here in Southern California!!!!)

Oh, beloved L'Oreal BB Cream, never ever go away, k??