That one day? When Ryan Seacrest emailed me? TRUE STORY. @AmericanIdol @IdolTweethearts

At first I thought someone hacked into American Idol's Twitter account because WHY would American Idol follow me? And then I got all giddy because AMERICAN IDOL FOLLOWED ME WHO CARES IF IT'S A HACKER, AM I RIGHT?? Turns out, it was totes legit. Because Ryan Seacrest emailed me. Oh yes, King Cutie Pie himself emailed me. And guess what? Along with a group of other fabulous social media ladies, I was picked to attend an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of American Idol's "Hollywood Week"! Eeeeep!!! Also: squeee. Also: I AM SO HAPPY TO BE DOING SOMETHING OTHER THAN WRITING MY BOOK!! (by the way, I finished it! turned in last touches this week! Squeee x 3,000). OK, listen up. One word: Harry Connick McHotness Jr. Yeah. I get to meet him. And JLo. And Keith Urban. But whatevs, I'm totally staying CALM AND OMG WHAT AM I GONNA WEAR AND WHY DID I GAIN WEIGHT THESE PAST THREE MONTHS??? Ahem. Anyhoo, you can follow along with my wild Hollywood adventure next week by liking our Facebook page and following our group "Idol Tweethearts" on Twitter.

Next week, I'm goin' to Holllyyywwoooooood!!!!

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