"In what possible context is it OK to spank an infant child?" {my question to Michael Pearl on the BBC}

Yesterday, BBC News Magazine published an article about the growing outcry against Michael and Debi Pearl's book "To Train Up a Child." I spoke at length with the reporter doing the research for this article and think he did an amazing and thorough job. Today, I was contacted by the BBC World Service and asked to join a radio program where I would, once again, confront Michael Pearl. You can listen to my exchange with Michael Pearl here (our segment begins at 27:40). Yes, I get fiery and passionate. At one point, I almost started crying because children have died! Michael Pearl can dismiss me, say I'm not providing context and say my experience isn't normative but I will NOT stop speaking out! I know what his book teaches. I know how it is implemented. And I will keep speaking out until there are #NoMoreDeadKids.