6a00d83451d95b69e20120a795f2c0970bWelcome to THE SATURDAY EVENING BLOG POST!

This is where creatives gather each month to share their art.

This month we are sharing our favorite things from November 2013.

I'll begin by sharing my favorite post: "So, a Catholic walks into a LifeWay store..." I'm always surprised when a post goes viral. There's really no formula for it. I wrote this post in under 20 minutes, simply sharing my honest experience. I wasn't expecting such a huge response. I genuinely enjoyed the conversations that took place in the comment thread and remain deeply grateful for all of you who continue to read and engage here on the blog. Thank you!

Now, it’s your turn! Here’s how to participate:

1. Pick one of YOUR posts from the last month. 2. Insert the link to that specific post(not your home page) into the form here. 3. Spread the word. Share SEBP on Facebook, Tweet about it, or write a new post on your blog encouraging your readers to come join the party! The more the merrier! It’s always fun to “meet” new bloggers.

The Saturday Evening Blog Post is a celebration of art and writing. Please no links to products or giveaways. Thank you.

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