Yo, Texas. I'm headin' your way this weekend! Let's meet up, k? Also: QUESO.

Let me begin by saying I've never had Queso. I know, I know. WHAT SORT OF DEPRIVED LIFE HAVE I LIVED? One word: fundamentalist childhood. Oh, wait. That's two words. Point is, from what Texans tell me, I've been REALLY missing out. So, I'm gonna remedy that this weekend. This Sunday, September 14th, I'll be speaking about my book and life after fundamentalism at Collective Church in Forth Worth, Texas. Afterwards, there will be a Queso Cook-Off. AND I GET TO JUDGE MWAH-HA HA!!

For details and directions CLICK HERE. The event is free and open to all who wish to attend. Let me know if you're coming because I'd love to meet you, my dear bloggy readers, in person. WARNING: I'm a hugger! :)