"You are ALREADY free!"

Arrived home safely from my time in Texas and I'm dead tired---but it's a GOOD tired. Not a stressed-out tired. Not a energy-sucked-dry-tired.

Tired like: WHOA, I LOVE DOING THIS tired. Tired like: I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE! LET'S TALK 'TIL MIDNIGHT and then GET UP AT 6am AND TALK SOME MORE! Which is super awesome.

A big, HUGE thanks to Pastor Rob Carmack and the wonderful folks at Collective Church in Fort Worth for welcoming me. And also, for introducing me to Queso. Life after Queso will never be the same. I could eat Queso for days. Nom-nom-nom.

And guess what, guys? I like totally preached. I mean--it started off as me just sharing my story and then, suddenly, I just sorta fell into it. I was PREACH.ING. Then I opened it up for a Q&A and THAT was awesome, too. Guess what?! You didn't miss you!

You can listen to the whole thing:


Or you can download it on iTunes

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If you'd like me to speak at your church, event or book club, please email me.

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