7 Quick Takes (in pictures).

Jen is hosting her fab 7 Quick Takes again. My 7 Quick Takes are in pictures because I hosted Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Most of my week was spent preparing for this wonderful day. Here are 7 pictures from this one, lovely day. Enjoy!

1. Merciful Rain. We woke to a gentle, much-need rain shower. Before the hustle and hurry of the day, I spent some time in my garden. Listening. Breathing. Praying.

2. On Wednesday, we set up and decorated our tables.


3. The dish I provided was a Green Bean Casserole. I think fresh beans make all the difference.


4. Before dinner, we snapped some photos. Here I am with my three favorite girlies:


5. My mom's specialty: deviled eggs.


6. A full plate: great-grandma's stuffin' (a Thanksgiving tradition!), mom's homemade cranberry-orange sauce, turkey, gravy, auntie's taters, my bean casserole....not to mention 3 kinds of pies AND home-made fudge. Um. Yeah. About that last 10 lbs. of baby-weight? Make it 15.


7. And of course, the Martinelli's.


My Uncle J. shared some wonderful video stories about his adventures as a missionary in Peru. A pack of neighborhood boys showed up on their Razors. A rousing game of street baseball ensued. Later, Jewel & James serenaded us with songs they're learning for their Christmas concert. The twins shrieked and laughed and toddled around. Uncle J. played the piano and we sang some old hymns. We talked about how much we missed my sister and her family. MOVE BACK TO CALIFORNIA, DAWN!

It was a meaningful, lovely day.

For these, and all our gifts, we give Thee thanks.